Of all the issues you can encounter around the house, roofing concerns are by far the most difficult to diagnose.  Leaks can develop unnoticed for years causing rot, mold, warping and other expensive damage.

We recommend that you go into your attic or crawlspace at least once a year after a rainstorm to check for leaks and water damage.  Special attention should be paid to areas where you have flashing because this is typically the most likely area to develop leaks.  It is also recommended that you visit the surface of your roof yearly during good weather to look for any loose, missing, eroded, warped or otherwise damaged shingles and to check the overall condition of your roof.

What we inspect:

Visible roof covering materials, shingles, flashings at roof penetrations and valleys, skylights, chimneys, gutters and downspouts. We access the condition of these elements for proper function; looking for evidence of leakage or worn, damaged, or missing components.